My name is Huy Tran and I am running for San José City Council, District 4 to protect and improve the quality of life in our city. I’m ready to be the voice our community deserves and to act on behalf of every resident.

San José is undergoing major transformations as we expand housing, transit and City services. While much of this growth and development has been, and will be, incredibly positive for our community, we must fight displacement and ensure that we do not sacrifice the things that have made San José an amazing place to call home. The families that built this wonderful community along with the new faces to our neighborhoods should all have a chance to thrive here.

This means focusing on real solutions for affordable housing and the unhoused, prioritizing public safety needs, and restoring the culture of respect and service to the council office. I know together we will be able to make a great difference for our neighborhoods in District 4 and for all of San José. Please contact me anytime at Our conversations are the first steps to change. Thank you.