HOUSING IN CRISIS: Keeping families in San José

There is no doubt that we are in a housing crisis, prices continue to skyrocket and displacement is out of control. Across San José, the working families that have built and help run our beautiful city are struggling to stay here because of rising rents and increased costs of living. We need real solutions to help keep our residents in their homes. City Hall continues to support above-market housing options while dragging their feet to provide more affordable solutions.

The numbers are frightening. Right now, a single person earning $66,000 per year is considered low-income; a family of four earning $94,000 per year is considered low-income. People are losing their housing and joining the working unhoused population or they are relocating out of the area completely, ending generations of San José’s families from being a part of our future.

North San José is being targeted for massive development around the new BART station and along the North First Street Corridor. We must ensure that the housing that is built there provides for those who need it, and not just those who can afford it. There are already models in North San José itself that provide housing for working families and the people who make this city run, and we need to direct resources towards these projects to spur the development of affordable housing.

I will fight to see resources invested directly towards this goal by increasing the revenue going towards the construction of affordable housing, studying the issue of vacancy, and promoting targeted developments geared towards impacted professions such as teachers and emergency respondents.

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